TribEdit allows the masses to easily have input into improving or correcting information on web pages.  Whether as an individual you just want to be a good netizen, improving the public sites you visit, or as an organisation you want to simplify Continuous / Process Improvement or spread knowledge management ownership beyond existing silos, TribEdit will help you do just that.

Free to use for individuals and organisations to receive public web page suggestions.

For internal company intranet use, contact us to discuss your needs. 

Eco-Conference Web Design

Chrome Extension

A simple Chrome Extension that allows highlighting text, suggesting edits and forwarding compiled list to page owners.

Incomplete Giraffe Puzzle 2

For Oganisations

No change to existing CMS needed.

Receive edit suggestions in any number of formats; email, csv, google docs, API access and more

Rugby Players

For Individuals

Belong to something bigger; whether improving public web pages or company intranet, move beyond just being a consumer.  From suggesting little spelling or grammatical errors or offering something more substantial, contribute to improving information for all who come after you.
Track your suggestions and feedback