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No Value, No Invoice!

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable working software / solutions. *

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I have to honestly say that that is indeed our highest priority, so much so we stake our time (and money) on it. If we don't deliver valuable working solutions to our customers, then we don't charge. So no value added, then no invoice issued!

​Why is this in our best interest? Well Firstly, we are passionate about what we do and we really like liking our work. So we assignments that don't actually that's our 2nd highest priority because our first is doing things we love to do and just so happens that that is what we love to do.

Secondly, It ensures from our earliest discussions and engagement with you we all focus on what is really valuable, after all that's the point isn't it.

If you know you want change in your systems and processes we don't just say "Yes we can deliver that for you", we first challenge you as to what value that change is expected to bring (to you, your customers, your staff, your suppliers etc). We don't want to know what your problems are, we want to know what your company goals and values are.

If something is not really valuable to you then its not valuable to us either.

Thirdly, we see a the following status or of organisations on the path to Value adding technological improvements (Digital Transformation if you will)

a) Those that know they need it and are making investments to get help in achieving that.

b) Those that maybe want it but don't have the time/money to invest in help

c) Those that think there are no problems with their current operation, thus have no knowledge of possibilities We love challenges, and being in the digital game there are so many ways to use technology to answer challenges. You guys in a) know it and we love getting with your teams to bring it all about.

But there's also many organisations, or individuals within, that are in camps b) and c), and so first challenge is funding. This is our answer to that, and opening opportunities to to do what we love doing for more people.

But! you say: "You could just make mickey mouse improvements that justify always getting paid for all of your time spent"

Not so we say, and its all in what the term value really means.

Value, being Benefit minus Cost, means if you're only getting mickey mouse benefits we'll only be able to ask for peanuts, and we cant live on peanuts alone. Its all the more reason why we also want to To take it a step further we

Would we undertake some work that saves 1 person 1 hour per week if it takes 80 hours? The answer is - it depends! It depends on what the value of that additional hour per week is. What additional benefits could the employee bring with an extra hour, or does the timing of this improvement mean others can act on results much sooner - and what are the benefits of that ? You can estimate a $$ figure on that benefit each week if you like and then we go from there. You may add "OK, but what if that weekly benefit $$ < total cost $$, that would imply no value and by your own words you wouldn't take on that work?" To which we'd say, well we do like to keep things simple and though we love playing with things like ROI and payback periods and so forth, the hit of negative cash flows for some are a real issue for which a simple solution is to, if the ovral value is +ve, charge periodically equal to the benefit $$ value until cost recovered. Change is about doing things differently so who says we have to bill by the hour spent?

​But! you say: "This is just a take on the old No Win No Fee Ambulance chasing ploy lawyers put out there isn't it?" Not really, you see the in that environment there are 2 adversaries (You and your now best friend lawyer) and the other party who you want compensation off for doing wrong. It's someone wins, someone loses.

Here, its only you vs yourself, your current state vs possible future state. You win, we win, no one loses...well maybe your competitors.

​* From first Principle of Agile Development:

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