Expert Guidance & Action

Agile Software Consulting

Just get the damn systems working better!
As Agile Software Managers / Consultants, we work with you get the job done.
Make legacy systems more efficient, g
et new system initiatives off to the best start or in-progress ones back on track
From management strategic direction to working improvements in the trenches with users,
we help make existing and new technology work for you!

No Value, No Invoice!

Everyone says they can add value, well we put our time where our mouth is.  If we don't introduce measurable value (improvements to productivity / efficiency / cost)  then there will be no charge.  Simple as that.  Read more here why this works.

So got major challenges or niggling systems dilemma right now?  It doesn't cost anything to give us a call.

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Startup Development Team

Product Management

Stakeholders - Users - Developers

The glue between your systems key players - we speak their lingo!
Specializing in application development & implementation management we can fill a gap in your existing team or provide full scale Agile Product Management,

Customer Support Representative

Organisational Change

The Path to Success

Of course implementing changes to systems and software is only successful when combined with behavioral change.  Not meant in a bad way, but we don't tip toe around or neglect this need.  Want successful change?  Then find and make advocates early on.

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System Review & Selection

Expert Guidance

Looking to replace outdated and/or inefficient software applications? We can help thrash out your true system & software needs.

Computer Store

Robotic Process Automation

A Comprehensive Approach

Not all software challenges require a sledgehammer to take out the old.  Sometimes just a little help from RPA or Bots is enough to greatly improve productivity.  It's often a lot cheaper too!

TV Screens

Data Visualization

Not just a pretty face.

Is your data hidden away from sight or only available when someone creates a report?
Let us put your data in the hands of those that want and need it, when they need it through direct visualizations updated in real time.


Project & Engineering Systems

Where we began

Skills honed over many years developing, delivering and maintaining Project Management & Control systems for Engineering projects are yours for the taking!


Some of the companies, big and small, that we've helped with system requirement gathering, selection, implementation or just plan old fixing the issues and plugging the gaps.

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